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"Girls Night Out"

When Donna left work at three thirty, her mind was absorbed with all of the details she had satisfy for the evenings events. Get home, freshen up, change into something less business like and more comfortable and casual. Even though it was an assignment so to speak, she already had the determination to have fun as well.  Making extra money and having fun doing it. What a wonderful concept!

The sun was out but the clouds were forming when she pulled out of the parking garage. The weather reports indicated that showers should begin with light rain but depending on the unpredictable climatic conditions, storms may be possible later in the night. She mused to herself that weather forecasters were wrong about as many times as they were right, but this time, being a Friday of course, it was going to down pour later.

She pulled into the garage and after checking for the mail that may have come and confirming that there were no new messages on the answering machine, proceeded to her closet for review on what she would wear. Black was always good but needed something a bit more with a wow factor. Hmmmm.. let's see as she brushed her chin with her right forefinger. Black slacks, heels, a ruffled purple silk blouse and a cropped white lose knit vest.  "I think this might work. Now time to shower, do my hair, change and off to pick up Cherice".

Backing out of the garage, she could see on the windshield that a gentle mist had started. Just enough to be annoying and the point where the wipers needed to be turned on at their slowest intermittent setting. "Oh well, this evening will still be fun" refusing to allow the changed weather to affect her upbeat mood. The traffic was a bit slower this evening with the combination of being a Friday evening and now the pavement was starting to get wet to being a point of concern. Donna had a pretty good idea of where Cherice lived, but brought her address along just to make sure. Twenty minutes later with still enough time to be at their destination in order to get a good seating arrangement, she pulled in the newly found driveway nestled between the other well manicured front lawns on the block.

The residence was pretty much as she expected it to be. A larger brick ranch with sprawling lush gardens of ivy, small ornamental trees, shrubs and detailed with brightly colored flowers surrounding a stone fountain in front of the garden bordering the front walkway to the doubled front wooden doors. "Nice, very nice" she thought to her self and wondered how often during just one week the lawn care team had to be here to make certain everything was just so so equating to picture perfect

By now, it had started raining a bit harder so Donna was both cautious getting out of her car and yet hurried.to get under the security of the enclosed porch easily finding the lit front door bell to the right of the massive doors. Cherice of course had been expecting Donna's arrival and was quick to answer the door for her. It was obvious that she was already nervous about the upcoming evenings events and anyone that knew her could tell it in her mannerisms and voice. Some what like a teen aged girl who was soon to leave for the fair and ride on a huge, wild roller coaster.

Not wanting to seem nosy, Donna preferred to stand on the porch rather than come inside and smiled.. "Ready?" she asked. It seemed a bit strange to Donna however when Cherice quickly grabbed up her purse and yelled back into the house to her husband.. "I'm leaving now, so I'll see you later". Nothing was wrong with the comment, but it just didn't seem like what she expected to hear.No "Love you!, Have a good evening!. Not even a good bye kiss. But then different people conduct their lives in different ways.

Donna had left the car running and the wipers still on. Fastening their seat belts, and shifting into reverse, they backed out on to the street and on the their way to the Star Event Center. The "Star" as most people referred to it was constructed of brick in the early nineteen twenties with handsome design, lavish furnishings for the time and was originally known as the "Rising Star" theater.