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(Sandpoint) Auto Restoration Classics 

Very few facilities offer this caliber of work, and even fewer are interested in restoration. At ARC, we have the talent and skills to do both, and do them well. Another difference is we do everything from small projects like installing electric windows, to an entire ground up restoration. And, it's still your project, performed to your specifications, and we will even let you help! The procedure for restoration projects is a little different than it is for collision repair. Richard personally takes the car in, takes it apart, chases down all the parts, performs all the modifications and repairs, reassembles and paints it. Monthly, unless otherwise arranged, you receive a packet in the mail containing the labor hour work log and ARC invoice for that month, payable upon receipt. Photos of the month’s work are either emailed or included in the packet. A month-end conversation is held with the customer regarding progress made and the plan for the next month’s work is discussed.