Upcoming chapter previews

(Bangor) Cole Land Transportation Museum 

Our purpose at the Cole Land Transportation Museum is to collect, preserve, and display (before they disappear forever) a cross section of Maine's land transportation equipment from which this and future generations will gain knowledge of the past. We also wish to remember, record and display U.S. military memorabilia to forever remind this and future generations of the high price our comrades have paid to protect our freedom. In doing so, we hope to inspire and challenge the young people of today to continue on in the footsteps of pioneers who have built our state and country. 

(Boothbay) Boothbay Railway Village 

The Boothbay Railway Village is comprised of over ten acres and 28 historic structures. It is the village and its Village Green where exciting events and activities take place. To get an overview of the village layout see our map. Events such as Antique Auto Days take place on the Village Green. The large white building is the restored 1847 Town Hall. Two very impressive restorations are the Town Hall and the Spruce Point Chapel. These historic structures are an important part of the village and provide vital examples of locally significant buildings. Additionally these buildings are in constant use by civic organizations, non-profit groups and a church congregation. 

(OwlsHead) Owls Head Transportation Museum 

The Owls Head Transportation Museum has one of the finest collections of pioneer-era aircraft and automobiles in the world. More than 100 historic aircraft, automobiles, bicycles, carriages and engines are on permanent display. The Aircraft Collection contains replicas and originals representing the first century of flight, from Cayley’s unmanned glider (1804) to the legendary Curtiss Jenny of the barnstorming era. An outstanding collection of automobiles spans the late 19th Century and early 20th century, and includes the 1963 Prototype Mustang and a 1935 Stout Scarab (called the world’s first mini-van, one of only six ever made). There are over 150 items in our collection and you are invited to click on the thumbnails below which will take you to pages containing pictures and details of the museum's significant collections. 

(Seal Cove) The Seal Cove Auto Museum 

At the Seal Cove Auto Museum you will find a wide variety of antique autos, from an 1899 DeDion Bouton to a 1924 Mercer, with a special emphasis on examples from the "Brass Era" (1895-1917). Many of these automobiles and motorcycles have been restored to world-class condition, while others remain in their original, unrestored condition. Antique car enthusiasts as well as those who simply enjoy cars from the past will delight in the beauty, mystery and romance of this unique collection.