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(Las Vegas) The Auto Collections

Featuring 125,000 Sq. Ft. showroom with over 250 World Class automobiles available for sale. Our goal is to provide for the collector a place to visit in a relaxed atmosphere, to buy, sell, or trade some of the most desired vehicles in the world. Here in the heart of Las Vegas, we offer comfortable surroundings and all of our transactions are conducted in a private and discreet manner. Open to the public daily, The Auto Collections is one of the top tourist stops in Las Vegas as it features hundreds of automotive treasures from the past. One never knows what they will be seeing when they visit the world's largest and finest classic car showroom. Visitors could see up close and personal, Johnny Carson's 1939 Chrysler Royal Sedan which he drove to his high school senior prom or "Eleanor" the 1967 Ford Mustang Fastback used in the movie "Gone in Sixty Seconds". 

(Las Vegas) The Imperial Palace Auto Collection 

Centraly located on the Las Vegas Boulevard, the Imperial Palace is not just among the ten largest hotels in the world but also houses one of the worldwide largest classic automobile collections. The collection contains close to one thousand automobiles of which 200 are on a rotating display at the hotel. A special room inside the collection is devoted to Duesenberg automobiles. One dozen of these magnificent automobiles are on display. The collection was built for those who see more in an automobile than a machine, more than a convenience, more than a necessity. It was built for those who belief that an automobile is also a vehicle for our dreams and memories. Marilyn Monroe's 1955 Lincoln Capri Convertible, W.C. Field's 1938 Cadillac V16 Touring, Tom Mix' 1937 Cord 812 Phaeton, President Eisenhower's 1956 Chrysler Imperial Parade Phaeton, John Jacob Astor's 1909 Mercedes Model 8/18 Town Car, the King of Siam's 1928 Delage, Mussolini's 1939 Alfa Romeo Tipo 6C - all these can be seen at the one or the other time within the rotating exhibition. 

(Laughlin) Don Laughlin's Classic Car Collection 

Don Laughlin's Classic Car Collection offers an exceptional opportunity to see many of the most unique autos ever created! By taking a step into Don Laughlin's Classic Car Collection Exhibition Hall, you take a step across the decades of automotive excellence. With more than 80 beautiful rare, antique and historic automobiles, trucks & motorcycles, this exhibit is Open Daily, Free of Charge. From Limousines once owned by notorious historic figures, to movie cars, to the battered motorcycle Steve McQueen rode to get away from it all, this collection has something for everyone. Whatever era of automobiles may be your favorite - from the muscle cars of the 60's to the classic horseless carriages - Don Laughlin's Classic Car Collection has something for you! 

(Reno) National Automobile Museum (The Harrah Collection) 
A place where time, culture, beauty, history, human invention, ingenuity and frivolity merge to fascinate us in the form of cars. Voted one of the top ten automobile museums in the country and the best 16 in the world, the National Automobile Museum houses an astounding collection, where visitors can explore decades of intriguing automobiles, stroll down period-style street scenes and stand inches from cars once owned by the rich and famous.