Upcoming chapter previews

 (Lynden)              The Lynden Pioneer Museum 

The Lynden Pioneer Museum is known internationally for its thoughtful exhibits. It features a life-size replica of Lynden's Historic downtown, a full size farmhouse circa 1900 and more than 60 vintage buggies, cars and tractors that tell the story of getting around in the industrial age. The automobile - one of the ten greatest inventions of the last hundred years. The automobile has perhaps had a broader impact on American Society than the invention of the TV. Every year, the museum sponsors a new exhibit exploring this wide ranging impact. Visit the life-size re-creation of historic downtown Lynden, Washington. Shown here is the Lynden Department Store, one of 20 replica buildings and shops in the Heritage Hall. It's an experience you'll never forget! 

(Tacoma)    LeMay – AMERICA'S CAR MUSEUM 

LeMay – AMERICA'S CAR MUSEUM will be the largest auto museum in the world - housing over 1,000 diverse vehicles, spanning a century of automotive history and highlighting the future of our transportation system. Check out the member benefits, keep up to date on museum events, read about our exciting Club Auto facilities and the latest news on the museum's development! Now is the time to help make the world's foremost automobile museum a reality by becoming a member of LeMay – AMERICA'S CAR MUSEUM!