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American Collectors Insurance
"If it's worth collecting, it's worth protecting" American Collectors Insurance is the nation's leading provider of collector vehicle and collectibles insurance. We are proud to offer: •Classic car insurance - Affordable, Agreed Value coverage for collector cars, trucks and motorcycles - any year may qualify. We also have competitve rates for modified cars (street rod, hot rod, rat rod, restomod, restorod and other customs). •Collectibles insurance - Most standard homeowner's insurance policies are not up to the task of protecting collectibles. Provide all of the collections in your household with specialized, insurance. •Towing and Labor for Collectors (TLC) Plan - An economical & robust emergency expense reimbursement plan, available exclusively to our policyholders! •Collector Chronicles - Dedicated to all things collectible! View the fabulous winners of our "My Cool Ride" weekly contest, our collector newsletters, locators for club & hobby events nationwide, and much more. 

Anpac CHROME Insurance 

A brilliant way to insure your specialty car! It's All In The Name! Each letter in CHROME® represents a different type of SPECIALTY VEHICLE we insure:* Classic/Antique, restored to original condition and at least 25 years old * Hot Rod/Street Rod, modified, built before 1949 * Replica/Kit Car * Original un-restored and at least 25 years old * Modified/Custom, modified, built after 1948, and at least 25 years old *Exotic, rare or unique, in excess of $100,000 in appraised value 

You take pride in your Alfa Romeo or your ’65 Mustang and insurance is one of many protections for your prized investment. When insuring a collector’s car, it is helpful to do business with an insurance company that understands the exotic car owner’s needs. Many insurance
companies will insure your car but some may have age qualifications or other modification guidelines. The major difference between obtaining an insurance policy for a collector’s car and for a mainstream vehicle is that the insurance company will likely require that the classic car not be used as your primary general transportation vehicle. 


Classic cars are like figments of a dream. They can
 floor you with their beauty, stun you with their
 performance, woo you with their fine details. They can also come at high cost and risk. That's why AutoInsure.org is here to help you safeguard your treasure-of-a-find with quotes on just the right classic car insurance coverage. Simply enter your zip code, and our quote system will lead you toinformation on the optimal insurance coverage for your classic car--it's fast, it's easy, and it's free. 

Continental Western Group

Collector Car Insurance Program. Underwritten by Continental Western Insurance®, the Collector Car program is a special auto plan designed to handle most collector vehicles, such as antiques, classics, street rods, "muscle" cars, show cars, sports cars, modified vehicles, modern collectibles and exotics. The program can even cover antique motorcycles, farm tractors, trucks, and vintage military vehicles. With the competitive rates offered by this program, our underwriting philosophy is to limit the program to owners of collector vehicles who restrict the use of their vehicles. The rates are not designed for drivers under the age of 25. The program is designed for the owners who use their vehicles mainly for club and hobby activities, but may also use them occasionally for pleasure drives. Pleasure drives do not include general transportation usage such as running errands, to and from work, shopping malls, golf courses, etc. – all of which require leaving the vehicle unattended. Annual mileage can not exceed 2,500 miles, except in the case of Street Rods and Customized/Modified vehicles. Occasionally the owner may want to drive the collector vehicle to work or put on more than 2,500 miles. Ask about our "SPECIAL USE" rate. 

Heacock Classic Collector Car Insurance

Heacock Classic is one of the nation's top providers of classic car insurance and collector car insurance. Get a quote now or contact us at 1.877.809.7898 to see how we can serve your needs. Collector Cars - Antiques & Classics - Exotic & Sports Cars - Modern Collector Cars - Rod & Custom - Tribute & Replica Cars - Racing Cars - Other Toys 

J.C. Taylor

Welcome to the World of JC Taylor! Whether you're new to us or an old friend, we invite you to see why we are one of the world's largest producer of specialty automobile insurance. We know this industry. We know these cars. And best of all, we know you. We know this isn't just a car to you. It's your time machine, your memory scrapbook. It's your hobby, your passion, your refuge, your joy. And nobody else cares for your car like your friends at JC Taylor. 

Why is it a good idea to get classic auto insurance rather than regular car insurance? When you qualify for classic auto insurance, the premiums are significantly less than regular car insurance policies. Often times, insurance companies underwrite towing and extra parts into the cost of the classic auto insurance policy. Many times classic auto insurance is less expensive than regular insurance because of the amount of driving time. Figuring the value of the car requires a simple process of looking online at various sites for value assessments. Many insurance providers take into account modifications made to classic autos and will cover such luxuries in the classic auto insurance policy. 

J. J. Best Banc & Co.
J. J. BEST BANC & CO., being the largest Automobile Lender of it's type in the country, is recognized by Antique, Classic, Exotic, Muscle, Hot Rod and Sports car enthusiasts and dealers as the leader in the Classic Car automobile finance industry. Offering long terms and low rates, financing is available for most model cars ranging from 1900 to today. With the most knowledgeable staff available, and loan approvals as fast as 5 minutes J. J. BEST BANC & CO. will help you drive the dream 


Need a car loan but not sure if you can get reasonable terms because of your credit history? If you're like most people, you probably have a blemish or two on your credit record. Perhaps you missed a payment on a credit card or have unpaid medical bills. If so, we have helped thousands of people just like you get financing, and at reasonable terms. 

Woodside Credit

Woodside Credit is a nationwide collector car finance company that provides financing through collector car dealers or directly to consumers for the purchase or refinance of classic and collectible automobiles. We 
believe that choosing the car of your dreams should be the hard part, not deciding how
to pay for it. 

Broadway Title Company
At Broadway Title Company, we can help get new automobile titles issued for vehicles that have no current title. We can also help you obtain a title for most any vehicle that you may have lost the title to. For Lost Automobile Titles, let us cut through all of that confusing red tape for you! When dealing with lost car titles, you'll get your title fast! And It's Completely legal. 

Auto Shippers Express Inc

The legendary Service, Staffed with experienced professionals, Auto Shipper’s Express is the vehicle transporter worthy to be trusted with the shipping of your vehicle. Since 1998 Auto Shipper’s Express has offered and executed the finest nationwide door-to door auto transport services available. Our exclusive geographic carrier tracking system allows us to ship all types of vehicles at the lowest possible rate. Auto Shipper’s Express has become the go to source for auto transport when you really need to get your vehicle shipped in a hurry. Although Auto Shipper’s Express can’t promise you overnight delivery, our Express Dispatch Service is unmatched for speed of pickup and travel time when it comes to auto transport. Our staff is available from 8-5 M-F 9-4 Saturday MST. Call for best rate. 

Auto Appraisal Group 

Looking for a certified auto appraiser? Auto Appraisal Group offers a nationwide network of certified professionals to help with all your classic car appraisal needs as well as total loss and diminished value appraisals on your late model automobile. If you're looking for a reliable auto appraiser, we can help. Established in 1989, Auto Appraisal Group has experience with all types of vehicles whether you have an antique auto, classic car, muscle car, exotic, custom street rod, kit car, motorcycle, or late model car involved in a total loss or diminished value claim. AAG appraised the Harold LeMay collection, which is recognized as the world's largest private collection. Insurance companies, US government agencies and courts of law recognize the Auto Appraisal Group as independent appraisers and value experts. 

Auto Quest
Automotive specialists since 1926, Auto Quest™ maintains a high quality inventory. Our team can help you find that special classic automobile or vehicle you’ve always wanted! Auto Quest™ offers Certified Auto Appraisals, Auto Location Service, and Worldwide Shipping. 

Kelly Blue Book
"The Trusted Resource" 


Vehicle pricing and information 

Old Cars Price Guide

Old Cars Report Price Guide is the nation’s most respected authority for pricing of collectible autos from the turn of the century to 2004; it is the first choice of insurers, appraisers, lenders, dealers, and collectors. The extensive price guide section rates cars on a scale of 1 to 6, from musuem-quality vehicle down to parts car. Marques run from AMC to Willys, and sections on foreign makes and light-duty trucks are also included
Click on the magazine to get details of the latest edition of this great publication.  A must have for any serious buyer or seller!!!
Classique Cars Unlimited 

We perform appraisals on Classic, Milestone, Antique and Special Interest Cars. Our nationally recognized appraisers perform appraisals for Insurance companies, Lending Institutions, and Individual Owners. Member of the NADA Advisory Board for Classic, Antique and Special Interest Automobiles. We perform appraisals at your location or via Mail. For ONSITE appraisals we work on a flat rate fee basis. (plus time and expenses if not at our facility) Please call for a rate Quote.

We offer specialized Automobile Liability and Physical Damage insurance for the Antique and Collector Car industry. We understand that these vehicles are for genuine car enthusiasts and with that comes a need for reliable car insurance coverage.Grundy Worldwide is committed to helping you insure your Antique or Collector Car to best meet your specific needs. Whether your collection consists of one car or 25, Grundy Worldwide knows how important your cars are to you. Our coverage will include enhancements to the standard auto policy such as Agreed Value, Inflation Guard and Auto Show Medical Reimbursement to meet the unique exposures associated with the Antique and Collector Car industry.
Horseless Carriage Carriers

Since 1975, Horseless Carriage Carriers, Inc. has provided discerning automotive enthusiasts with dependable and immaculate enclosed-trailer transportation for antique, classic, exotic, and everyday vehicles. Our experienced team specializes in safe, claim-free, door-to-door shipment of every type of vehicle—from every day and specialized cars, trucks, and motorcycles to boats, airplanes, buses, and military vehicles.

United Routes Transport

Classic car transport is a necessity if you own a classic car and you want to exhibit it at auto shows that are located many miles from your home state. Cars in America need to be aged between 30 and 49 years old in order to be officially recognized as "classic," and many owners love to take their cars around the country to the top shows, using a classic auto shipping company to get their cars to and from the shows. Classic car owners love nothing more than to take their cars to auto show grounds, where they can show off their pride and joy to the public, answering questions and generally helping to educate. They also love to meet up with their fellow owners too, giving them the opportunity to discuss their autos and pick up tips and hints.