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An Illustrated History Of Checker Motors

For sixty years, Checker Motors had a record unbroken run of profits building a few thousand cars per year in a small little factory in Kalamazoo, Michigan. In 1981, it posted its first loss, $488,326, and its owner made good on his threat to stop production of the iconic Marathon if his workers didn’t accept wage concessions. But Checker continued to stamp out body parts for GM into 2009, including for the Buick LaCrosse. The Carpacolypse of 2009 finally shuttered the ancient plant, but no need to shed a tear for the original owner’s son, David Markin: his wealth is estimated at over $100 million. And it was all due to a shrewd investment of $15,000 that his father made in 1920, which put him in the driver’s seat of Checker Motors. Let’s take a ride through Checker’s history. Taxi!

Checker Taxi
Checker Taxi was an American taxi company. It used the Checker Taxi Cab produced by the Checker Motors Corporation of Kalamazoo, Michigan. Both Checker Taxi and its parent company Checker Motors Corporation were owned by Morris Markin. The 'Checker', particularly the 1956-82 A8/Marathon, remains the most famous taxi cab vehicle in the United States. The vehicle is comparable to the London Taxi in its nationally renowned styling, which went unchanged throughout its use, and also for its iconic status.

Checker Taxi Stand

Welcome to the ALL-NEW Checker Taxi Stand. Your one-stop source for information on automobiles from the Checker Motors Corporation in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Please note that this site is not operated by Checker Motors and is a personal site for entertainment and information purposes only.

Checker Parts

Checker Parts is the largest supplier of new old stock, reproduction and used Checker parts.  This includes parts for Taxi, Marathon, Superba and Aerobus models. Checker Parts Inc. has thousands of Checker parts accumulated over 25 years from Checker dealerships, cab companies and private parties. We also buy outright or trade for parts.
Checker Parts has been making parts for Checkers for many years and provides weatherstripping, rubber seals for doors & glass, front end parts, suspension parts, brake parts, emblems, windshields, wheel covers, etc. Checker Parts puts money back into R & D and tooling to manufacture parts that were previously unavailable in an effort to keep your Checker on the road.  We try to make parts that improve on handling, dependability, and perform "Better than original" whenever possible.