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Crosley Automobile Club Inc.

Crosley Automobile Club was founded in 1969 and has around 1000 members world wide.
The Crosley club helps bring together collectors of Crosley cars and other products of Powel Crosley. The club publishes 4 newsletters per year, the Crosley Quarterly and a roster of members every other year (new members get most recent roster).
The club sponsors a National meet the second Saturday in July at the Fulton County Fair grounds in Wauseon, Ohio (old Exit 3) Exit 34 on the Ohio Turnpike. The show is now 3 days and officially starts on Thursday, with many showing up on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Parts Department
Parts Department
 First founded in 1952, the Crosley cruises on into the 21st Century. No dues, no politics, just FUN, with the fascinating vehicles built by CROSLEY. "The Car of Tomorrow" (1939-1952). Hundreds of rare photos and images! See our vast archives of the historic, innovative Crosley cars and other products designed and built by the Crosley Corporation and Crosley Motors, Inc. of Cincinnati, Ohio and Richmond and Marion, Indiana. 

Auto Parts Fair
Do you need replacement used Crosley parts? Our extensive network of Crosley salvage/junkyards and auto recyclers can be a great place for you to find that incredible good buy of Crosley used parts.
Welcome to the West Coast Crosleys Group! Formerly known as the Central Coast Crosley Cars, WCC isn't limited to just Crosley owners and fans near America's Pacific shore; we have members everywhere! Join up so you don't miss any Crosley news. Got Crosley questions or stories? Bring 'em on! You're in the right place! 

Powel Crosley Blog 
Discussions of the book CROSLEY: Two Brothers and a Business Empire that Transformed the Nation, as well as the life of Powel Crosley, Jr., Crosley cars, radios, broadcasting, WLW, aircraft, and related topics. Check here often for new information uncovered since the book was published. This is the Official Crosley Blog, maintained by Crosley lead author and historian Michael A. Banks.

The Crosley Gang
Welcome to the Crosley Club on the Web! The club supports Crosley vehicle owners, but welcomes all that are interested in products of Powel Crosley, vehicles that used the Crosley engine such as the Crofton, Bandini, Devin, Skorpion, etc and any customs using Crosley parts. Members of the Crosley Auto Club include your membership number and state when registering so members can find you.