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Parts Department
Andy Bernbaum Auto Parts Inc.
If you are reading this page, then we speak the same language - Chrysler. It's a language by a select group of people who have one thing in common: we recognize the dependability, style and engineering excellence of Chrysler product vehicles and the value of restoring them correctly. This Website catalog represents our latest collection of new and new old stock parts for all Chrysler product cars and trucks from 1930 -1962. We hope that you are able to find everything that you need right here, but if you don't find it all, don't give up. In the last few years we have greatly expanded our warehouse space and we now have over one million additional parts in stock for cars and trucks. Call us at 617-244-1118 and our research staff will do their best to locate the parts for you. 

Plymouth Doctor 

Plymouth Doctor specializes in vintage sheet metal parts for the restoration of automobiles made by Plymouth™, Dodge™, Chrysler™, and DeSoto™. We are one of the only custom Chrysler products, sheet metal manufacturers in the country, and our products are made from high-quality, 18-gauge or heavier sheet metal. Call us today for all your automotive restoration needs! 


Don't own a popular muscle car?  I will
try to locate "any" Chrysler, Dodge, Plymouth
or Desoto part - 40's through 80's
The National DeSoto Club
The National DeSoto Club welcomes you to Homepage DeSoto, a special service to our members, and a courtesy to car enthusiasts around the world. Here the NDC hopes to instill a new appreciation for DeSoto, the automobile that so well embodied the virtues of comfort, style, innovation and value during its three decades of production.
Though vanished from showrooms, DeSoto remains a symbol of the American automobile at its height. With a little searching and a little care, you can relive the best motoring had to offer - behind the wheel of a DeSoto. Homepage DeSoto will help you do just that.