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Parts Department
APD (American Parts Depot)
In 1989, while looking for parts for my AMX, I discovered that there was a lack of a "full service" supplier.  Some had new parts, some had only N.O.S. parts, others did only used parts.  What I wanted, as a customer, was a supplier that handled it all. While no supplier can provide absolutely everything for a complete restoration, here at American Parts Depot we come closer to one stop shopping than anywhere else.  My goal of "full service" is something we will always strive for.

Galvin's AMC Rambler Parts
Since 1980 we have supplied parts for AMC vehicles including AMX, Ambassador, American, Classic, Concord, Eagle, Gremlin, Hornet, Javelin, Marlin, Matador, Nash, Pacer, Rambler, Rebel, and Spirit. Our goal has been to maintain a source for 1958-1988 passenger vehicle components. We have a small selection of Nash era parts as well as some Jeep parts. For Metropolitian parts we recommend The Metropolitan Pit Stop. Our On-Line Catalog represents new or reproduction items we strive to keep in stock and can usually ship the day your order is placed. The format of the on-line catalog follows that of AMC's parts book whereby all parts are listed under the "group" number. This grouping system breaks down parts by their location or the system on the vehicle that they are most closely affiliated with.

American Performance
For 20 years, American Performance has worked hard to preserve the AMC legacy. We know the cars, and we have the parts made to fit your AMC.
The American Motors Owners Association

Recognizing Vehicles produced by American Motors Corp. 1958-1988. American Motors Owners Association, Inc., (AMO) is a Wisconsin chartered, non-profit organization, which exists expressly for the purpose of aiding and encouraging the use, enjoyment, preservation, and restoration of vehicles built by American Motors Corporation between 1958 and 1988 model years.