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This site is meant to provide you with a source for getting your Hudson stepdown back on the road or at least getting some replacement parts. I first encountered a Hudson stepdown when my grandparents drove up to see our family in their green 49 Commodore. What a beauty. Some things just stay with you all your life. Anyway if you’re as crazy as I am about Hudsons, welcome aboard! If you have any comments about what you would like to see carried please let me know. Thanks.

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Hudson - Essex - Terraplane Club, Inc

Hello and Welcome!
As many of you know the Hudson Essex Terraplane Club has been around for over fifty years. Our club members numbers over 6,000 members.  Many auto clubs larger than ours express admiration for the active membership we boast.  Our members are passionate, love their Hudson made automobiles, and have a deep fondness for each other. Along with the many benefits of HET Club membership, I hope you enjoy the on line benefits of this great club.  And we need to give a tip of the hat to all of those in our club who are always working to constantly improve our product. 

Take care and drive those Hudson made automobiles!


Aaron Cooper
HET President

Metropolitan Pit Stop 

We maintain a complete inventory of all 14,726 parts that Nash, Hudson and AMC Metropolitans are made of and ship parts out every day to places all over the world. Everything is in stock at all times so you never have to wait for back-ordered items. Be confident our parts put inside / outside / underneath a Met will fit + look + work right and are safe and reliable. 

Hudson Car Club 

The Hudson Car Club is a FREE online club for Hudson, Essex, & Terraplane enthusiasts, hobbyists, and car owners. Club interest encompasses all vehicles wearing the Hudson name, from the early days of Hudson Motor Car Company through its waning days as an element within American Motors. 

The Hudson Antique Car Club 

The Hudson Antique Car Club was started, very informally, in 1980 by a group of local Hudson residents who were interested in driving, maintaining, showing and, most of all, preserving vintage automobiles of all types. Over the years, this loosely formed group has continued to evolve into the club we enjoy today. 

The Hudson-AMC Car Club of Australia Incorporated 

The Hudson-AMC Car Club of Australia Incorporated was originally formed as the Hudson Essex Terraplane Car Club following an outing to Queen Elizabeth Park, Sydney on 22 June, 1969. The club was incorporated in 1989 and has expanded to include the great cars built by Nash & American Motors Corporation - including Rambler and AMC-Jeep. The club is dedicated to the preservation of cars built by the Hudson, Nash and American Motors Corporation. 

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