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If Kaiser-Frazer cars built at Willow Run Michigan, Kaiser-Willys vehicles including Jeeps built in Toledo Ohio, as well as the Kaisers made by IKA in Argentina are your bag, welcome aboard! If you dig Henry J's, Kaiser-Darrins, or any special Kaiser, Frazer, Willys, or any related cars, come on in! Please see the database to buy, sell, & trade KF items. 

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Welcome to the official website of the Kaiser Frazer Owners Club International. Join the group of members who share a passion for all things Kaiser Frazer and acquire the chance to share time, knowledge, and memories with fellow members. Whether you have owned a KF automobile ever since your first car, or have recently discovered the appeal of these intriguing automobiles, along with their history, we invite you to scour the pages of this website to gain an extensive knowledge of what the Kaiser Frazer Owners Club is all about.