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Specializing in Studebaker parts for post war Studebakers,late pre war Studebakers and Studebaker related items.

Classic Enterprises 

Body Panels and Body Parts for Studebaker, Jeep, '57-'58-'59 Ford and now DODGE Stamped Tailgates for both Pickups and Power Wagons are available from Classic Enterprises. All of our products are noted for their superior quality and are produced in our own USA facility in gauges which are equal to, or heavier than original factory products. We have recently been licensed by Chrysler LLC to stamp Willys, Jeep and Dodge into various automotive related products with more to follow soon. Our product line is constantly being expanded and improved with the intent of providing our clients with the widest range of quality products possible. We hope to be of assistance to you and hope that your project goes well. 

Studebaker Autoparts Sales Co. 

Now over 20,000 parts with on-line ordering ! 

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The Antique Studebaker Club

The Antique Studebaker Club was founded in April 1971. It is incorporated under the laws of the State of California as a non-stock, nonprofit social and recreational club (Corporation Number 661229). It has been granted federal income tax exemption under the provisions of the Internal Revenue Code 501 (c)(7). The Club is supported exclusively by membership dues, and no portion of its income is derived from public funds. The purposes of the Club are: (1) encourage and promote the acquisition, restoration, and maintenance of all Studebaker-built vehicles produced through the 1946 model year and M-Series trucks produced through the 1948 model year; and (2) to promote research and study of the history of the Studebaker Corporation and its subsidiaries as well as predecessor Companies. 

The Studebaker Drivers Club. 

Welcome to the official Web site of The Studebaker Drivers Club - more than 12,500 members who share a passion for all things Studebaker, and especially enjoy sharing time, knowledge, fun and memories with their fellow members. Most SDC members also belong to one of more than 100 chartered local SDC chapters in most US States and Canadian Provinces. There are also SDC chapters and affiliated Studebaker clubs around the world. We invite you to browse these pages for information and links to the very extensive Studebaker world. You can find, contact and join your local SDC chapter. You can check out upcoming Studebaker events - from local cruise-ins to judged shows. And, of course, you can learn about the SDC, Studebaker history and the great benefits of becoming a member of The Studebaker Drivers Club. 

Antique Studebaker Club 

The Antique Studebaker Club was founded in 1971. The purpose of the Antique Studebaker Club is "to encourage and promote the acquisition, restoration, and maintenance of all Antique Studebaker vehicles produced through the 1946 model year and M-series trucks produced through the 1948 model year". ..... Hopefully this site will whet your appetite to join this Great club for all it's up to date info and to receive the wonderful Antique Studebaker Review edited by my pal Richard Quinn! 

Studebaker Parts & Service 

Premier Studebaker and Packard Specialist 

Community support for all things Studebaker: Parts, cars, fixes, fun. 

This easy-to-use and simple-to-search downloadable pdf gives you the low down on the legacy of one Indiana family and its short, but memorable reign in the automobile world. You'll find the technical specifications and historical insights about Studebaker's manufacture red between 1946 and 1955 in this download.
The Studebaker Car Club of Austrailia, Inc
The club wasw formed in 1967 to perserve and foster the ownership of all models and products of the Studebaker marque. Membership is around 500 with affiliated clubs throughout Austrailia. The club itself is affiliated with the Studebaker Driver's Club of USA. 

Official Studebaker Clubs
Official Studebaker Clubs