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The Tucker Automobile Club of America 
Preston Tucker was a car-crazy kid who hung around auto speedways and grew up to create an automobile--the Tucker--that was years ahead of its time. He was a man of pioneering spirit, ingenuity and daring, who revolutionized Detroit in the 1940s with his stunning "Car of Tomorrow." It was streamlined, futuristic and fast--the car every American dreamed of owning, at a price most people could afford. A man of endless enthusiasm, Tucker publicized his model all over the country to wild acclaim. He sold stock, set up a factory . . . and then the auto industry launched a devastating anti-Tucker campaign.  (Click on icon above to enter)

Tucker Automobile Club of America, Inc

The Tucker Automobile Club of America, Inc. is an organization whose members are devoted to preserving the legend of PRESTON TUCKER, the TUCKER ’48 automobile and THE TUCKER CORPORATION.~

            Tucker Tribune 

The official blog of the Tucker Automobile Club of America, Inc. The Tucker Automobile Club of America, Inc. (TACA) is made up of hundreds of automotive enthusiasts from around the world who celebrate the automotive heritage of Preston Tucker and his amazing creation--the Tucker '48! Help us to "keep the dream alive!" 


We welcome all fans of Tuckers' cars, his story and ideas, as well as the designers and engineers that helped make it come true. We also welcome those who can't afford an original and appreciate the new reproduction Tucker-bodied customs and street rods.